Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bentley Snowflake January Snowstorm 2014

My first snow crystal photo of 2014.   This one was taken with my Celestron LCD digital microscope at 10x during the January 21, 2014 snowstorm in Connecticut.  You can choose different colors to shine through on the slide.  The temperature was very cold, around 5 degrees F.   According to notes written by my Great Uncle, Wilson Bentley, it is the perfect temperature for photographing snowflakes.  It is also very difficult at those temperatures because you can't stay out in the cold for too long.  There was also a lot of snow coming down so it was also challenging to capture one crystal alone.  The snow crystals I did manage to capture singly were also larger as in this photo.  The crystal is too large to fit completely in the view finder even at only 10x.  It is still very interesting none the less.  Look at the tiny heart right in the nucleus of the crystal.  Is that a message of love from above?  :-)

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