Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Photo Hunt: Fluffy

Fluffy?  Did someone say Fluffy?  Yes, that's me, Angelica, the Queen of fluffiness!  Look at mine belleh. Touch it.  Go ahead.  Yep, it feels just as soft and fluffy as it looks.  It's softer than silk, finer than linen.  Yes, it does not get better than dis.  Dat's why we are such special angels.  Mine fluffiness is here just to make you feel better.  Go ahead and close your eyes and imagine how soft mine fur really is.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photo Hunt - Circular

Saturday's Photo Hunt:  Circular

Look at this beautiful freshly cut wood pile filled with all those circular wood stumps.  
This must have been from two winters ago.  I love how nice and neatly stacked the pile was and the beautiful tan, light brown color of the freshly cut wood.  Angie, my cat, spent days sniffing and hanging out on the wood pile.  I'm sure there were other curious cats in the neighborhood that she was sniffing but part of it was the joy of being outdoors in the warm sun on a winter day.

Angie's tail is all high and perky indicating her pure pleasure and curiosity.  How old do you think those trees were Angie? 

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Understanding Exposure by Iberionex Perello

Understanding exposure is something that I need to work on more.  I often find myself taking far to many shots trying to find the right exposure rather than having a better understanding of it to begin with.  Iberionex is one of the instructors from who has a podcast series on light in photography.
I just love how he "sees" the light in his photos and how he explains it.