Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Photo Hunt: Public

The Public lined up and waiting to get into a Packers Football game in Green Bay, WI.  This was just one of the lines.  Packer's fans are some of the most well mannered, friendly, nicest people I have ever met!  It was pure pleasure to be at a Green Bay Packer's game and be able to just enjoy the game and the people around us.  They sure know how to have a great time!  


Vicki said...

WOW!! That be a bunch of people!
Here's Mine

jams o donnell said...

That is an orderly queue. I hear that it is impossible to get a season ticket to see the Packers

YTSL said...

I've been to Green Bay -- cold place! But it wasn't to watch a football game -- rather, it was to play in a (varsity women's) soccer game. ;D