Saturday, October 29, 2011

Photo Hunt: Broken

Finally had time to put this up and it's so appropriate as to what's going on in CT and the Northeast US today. 
The bizarre snowstorm in CT has broken my favorite tree to take photos of.  See the limb on the lower right corner?

Here's what it looks like in the Spring.  Now that lower limb is all broken. :-(

This storm is really crazy.  We have six plus inches of snow already today and it's supposed to snow all night plus get winds around 40 mph.   The leaves hadn't even fallen off of the trees yet so they are all so heavy and are snapping branches off all kinds of trees left and right.  

You can see in the back of my next door neighbor's yard some branches that have broken off his trees.  Just about a 1/2 hr ago another HUGE limb broke off of another tree and his whole yard is covered with broken tree limbs now.   It is really important to take care of trees that are rotting and make sure you trim what you can.  It's not easy to keep up with all of them if you are surrounded by trees but with the crazy weather we have had this year it was all stressful for the trees.  

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ancient one said...

Hope your power doesn't go out. I expect you will see lots of broken limbs when this night is over. Stay safe. Your photo is perfect for the theme!!