Saturday, August 20, 2011

Photo Hunt - Drink

My first thought for drink was wine of course... but I decided to go for something just as healthy and tasty in a different way.  This is a glass of Green Goddess juice.  How do  you like the look of that drink?  It's a mixture of cucumbers, zucchini, lots of spinach, pineapple, green apples, and a lime.  The lime gives it that great limey kick and makes it thirst quenching to me as well.  It's all run through the juicer and then I pour it over ice in a nice glass.  Voila!  Drink up!

I don't know too much about juicing, so if anyone does this a lot can you tell me what the true benefit of it is?  It just seems strange to me that you take all that wonderful pulp out of the food to make a juice when it seems that the pulp is what is really good for your system.  Any thoughts?



Sreisaat said...

Awww - that green spells good health! I am not a juice-maker myself but I sure love some pulp bits in my drink for a lovely texture :)

Sreisaat Adventures

Linda said...

I can't help you with your question either! All that green in a drink just doesn't appeal to me at all!! LOL! I prefer caffeine-packed drinks myself! :-)

Thanks for stopping by my drink post!

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious, and sounds so too with the zing of the lime added :)

Bel said...

It looks yummy, but I despise vegetable drinks, so I'm not sure about the taste. However, I love all the single ingredients so would certainly give this a try if offered. No idea as to your question, though.