Sunday, September 5, 2010

Learning Lighting for Photography

I just received an email from a previous Better Photo instructor, John Siskin, with yet more information about lighting.  It reminded me to post some pictures from his class that I took a couple months ago "Getting Started in Commercial Photography".  John is a great instructor and gives out a wealth of information!  He also appeals to the Yankee in me in that he had all kinds of tips for how to make inexpensive equipment to use for lighting.  I even made my own light panel from materials from a hardware store.  Making your own stuff helps to offset the costs for strobes.   It may seem like I'm really promoting BetterPhoto and in a sense I am only because I have enjoyed the classes so much and gotten so much out of them.  

The photo above was for the Architectural Photography assignment and the end result after many hours of experimenting with different setups, different times of day, and use of different lights in order to finally get something that I felt had the right balance with the light outside and the lighting inside.  With the amount of vertical and horizontal lines in the shot it made it even more challenging.  I had one Alien Bee 1600 set up from the upper level to light the back window wall trim and one Speedlght 580EX II off to the left lighting out towards the fireplace.  It seems like it would be so simple to light that space but it wasn't.  I have an entirely new perspective for lighting and a new interest in a part of photography I never thought of before.  It ties my love of interiors and art and architecture with photography.  

My new Sigma 10-22mm lens was really helpful in getting the expanse of the room and so useful for architectural work and lots of other work.  What a fun lens this is.  Another item crossed off my list.  These classes help to spur me to get more of the equipment I need.