Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Universe IS listening

In late May while I was driving to Maine on vacation to Bar Harbor, my husband and I created a list of inspirational ideas and dreams of what we would like to do and where we'd like to be in our lives.  On my list was to take a photography workshop vacation.  

Azalea Reflections in Maine
Since I had already taken a couple online classes through with Tony Sweet as the instructor I thought I'd start there.  I believe in going with your gut and when something you want almost makes you cry you know you're onto something.  That's why I took my first class with Tony, "Image Design:  Revealing your Personal Vision."  I love his work and style and wanted to further my experience under his guidance.  Checking into his workshop he had a workshop for Acadia, ME.  Acadia is a photographers paradise with the rocky coast, the water, mountains, etc.  Taking the class would not only help me refine my skills, but be inspirational and motivational in helping me with courage in taking the next step in making photography my second career.  It's one thing to go on vacation and take pictures, but another to take a vacation from work to take design images.  You can focus on your photography and not have to worry about missing out on your actual vacation.

The class was listed as full on Tony's website.  It also says to sign up anyway for the wait list because people drop out.  I signed up and I asked how many people were ahead of me.  Twenty-two people were ahead!  Looking at this two ways, positively and negatively, I first thought no way, there is no way 22 people are going to drop out.  But you have to believe.   So many things have happened to me in the past eight years that all point to you get what you think about.  I figured I would give it my best and believe that I was going.  I put the dates on my calendar at work for vacation time.  I gave up going on a trip to Turks and Caicos with friends, not only because of this workshop but for other reasons.  If you believe you are going you have to act as if you are going.  I stopped thinking about it and thought it will happen if it's meant to happen.

The time is getting closer so I wanted to check to see how I was moving up on the list.   I was thinking maybe half of them dropped out and I'd be 11th.  The number 11 has big significance with me so if anything I thought that would be the number.  It wasn't.  It was 2.  TWO!  I am TWO spots away from going on the workshop!  Wow.   The Universe is listening.