Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bar Harbor Sunrise

Bar Harbor, Maine, a photographers paradise. Woke up and saw the beginning of a beautiful morning sky. Since we were staying at the Ullikani Inn right across from the bay it was easy to jump out of bed and head over to the edge of the water to set up for some shots. I didn't even realize I had the opportunity for the sunrise until I was right there. Took just a few and was hoping for another morning of it but there haven't been too many clear days this year up here either and it seems that the next few days will be cloudy as well. Glad I got to just see it nevermind take a picture of it.

Also, as I uploaded my photos of the day I realized I have a big dust spot inside the camera. It's not on the mirror, it's on the opposite side where you are not supposed to clean it unless you are 1) very brave, 2) very experienced, or 3) very stupid and inexperienced. Guess which one I am? Cameras and wine do not mix, LOL! Well at least I can laugh about it. If I had the top of the line Canon I don't think I'd be laughing though. I probably wouldn't have dared to go inside the camera either.

Camera shop here I come!

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